Sunday, 30 August 2015

Weekly Snapshots

  • Finally getting around to reading Looking For Alaska.
  • The new Marvellous Creations bar is incredible.
  • Mickey Mouse shirt.
  • Pink Flamingo bubble bar from Lush.
  • Just because it was National Dog Day on Wednesday.
  • New lipstick, MAC - Please Me.
  • I am 5 years old.
  • All the strawberry goodness.
  • Rose gold and marble is the perfect combination.

How was your week? Is there anything that you're looking forward to in the week ahead? Let me know in the comments!


Friday, 28 August 2015

Trip To Dublin

Last weekend, myself and Ricky made an impromptu trip to Dublin for the weekend. I didn't bring my camera because I didn't want to worry about it being broken or get tired of carrying it around, so I just took some little pictures on my phone for the sake of having the memories. 

  • Ready to start our walk around the zoo.
  • Penguin feeding time.
  • Nando's.
  • Tiger.
  • Shopping trip bits and pieces.
  • The cutest little orangutan family.
  • Ice-cream break.
  • Alligator.
  • Drinks before heading home.

I had the best time and I can't wait to go back again. Have you had any weekend plans recently? Or do you plan on having a weekend trip sometime soon? Let me know in the comments!


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Topshop Lipstick - Rio Rio

Whenever Topshop released their '5 Years Of Beauty' products in the limited edition rose gold packaging (drool), I knew I had to have something for myself. I had my eye on the shade 'Rio Rio' for a while, so I was so pleased whenever it was part of the collection so that I could have it in the pretty packaging.
Rose gold obsession aside, the actual lipstick is incredible. I would describe it best as a matte red with orange undertones. The formulation is creamy and glides on to the lips with such ease. Yet, as you can see from the swatches above, it's incredibly pigmented. It also lasts on the lips for ages, I can put this on at 7 in the morning and it will still be there at 5 in the afternoon, even without a lipliner. 
I really love red/orange lipsticks as I think they really brighten up and compliment my porcelain skin instead of making me look washed out.
In fact, it's actually a pretty good dupe for MAC - Lady Danger, which I featured in my July Favourites or the Estée Lauder Kendall Jenner Pure Color Matte Sculpting Lipstick. At a mere £8, it would definitely be worth looking at if you were wanting to try the two more expensive options. I really want to get the shade 'Innocent' in the rose gold packaging before they are all sold out as well!

Available from:

What do you think of Rio Rio? Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments!